Participant Code of Conduct

We want everyone who participates at our events to enjoy themselves and be able to participate as fully as possible in a way that they enjoy. But, in order for everyone to have fun, we are setting a few social restrictions EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

We recognize that we are running a campaign where Romance, Seduction and Affairs are common themes. We have many players with characters who spend a large amount of their time pursuing said activities and we want them to be able to continue playing those characters. But in light of the current societal concerns about unwanted social advances and harassment at game events we want to make our position perfectly clear.

Rule 1:

If any event, statement or action by a GM during one of our sessions makes you uncomfortable, Please speak up. We can't change our approach if we are not aware it is a problem. Some of our NPCs are, for plot purposes, seductive, lecherous or failing to be as charming as they think they are. But we all have different comfort levels with that. So ask us to dial it back if you feel the need to do so. If you are not having fun, we want to change things so you are..

Rule 2:

Players may no longer direct Seductive or Suggestive actions toward the other players at the table. ALL SEDUCTIVE, LECHEROUS OR SUGGESTIVE ACTIONS MUST BE TARGETED AT A GM CONTROLLED NPC. We are not saying you can't do it, we just want it directed at us because we are prepared to handle it.

Rule 2A:

If you and another player want to engage in suggestive activity together BOTH PLAYERS must inform the GM at the table at the start of the session. We do have some in character romances going on and we don't want to limit that but we also want to make sure it is mutually agreed on. This rule includes actual real world couples. You still have to clarify even if you are married. Players are welcome to change this status at any time by informing their GM.

Rule 3:

If someone asks you to stop your line of discussion or activity, you WILL STOP immediately. No arguments, no clarifications, no explanations and no attempts to circle back around on the topic. You are permitted to say “I'm sorry” but don't make a scene out of it.

Rule 4:

Even with permission to interact, you will “Fade to Black” rather than go into details.

Rule 5:

It will be at the GM's discretion to warn you about continued behavior. If you are told to stop, you may consider that the only warning you are going to get. Continued behavior will lead to you being asked to leave the table. You may very well be asked to leave the table without warning also. There will be no debate over being asked to leave. Our judgment on the subject is final.

Rule 6:

We will carry bans from the table over to later sessions or conventions if the behavior warrants such. Behavior outlined above aimed at another player rather than their character will most certainly be considered grounds to remove you from the campaign.