Credit Where It's Due

Don Higgins

Artist and illustrator extraordinaire. Don's artwork has been featured in such diverse settings as RPG books and TOPPs sports cards. He is also the artist/writer of Dark Magic and Donuts, an excellent webcomic. Here at The Guild of San Marcos, Don is responsible for all the NPC headshots, and maybe a few extras you might find if you look hard enough.

Rick Smith

One of the consistent player complaints about the Player's Guide and the Game Master's Guide was the maps not only made no sense, they were also fairly inaccessible (being only on the inside front and back covers of both books) and lacked detail. The excellent maps of Theah shown here are the result of a great deal of Rick's hard work.

Stephen D'Angelo

More famous now for his work on various online video games you play than for 7th Sea, Stephen never-the-less is responsible for the famous (or infamous) Crystal Keep 7th Sea Handbook series. With his kind permission, I've edited his original work into Handbooks specifically for the Heroes of Altamira campaign.

Cris Dornaus

A long-time staple of the original 7th Sea books, Cris did the headshots for every NPC in the early books and darn near every one later on. In addition to her vast artistic credit, she is also quite the map maker and responsible for the Altamira city map that The Guild uses.

Domenico Angelo (1716 - 1802)
No website for him obviously but a talented swordsman, writer and illustrator. You can read more about him here. He is most noted for the creation of the premier treatise on swordsmanship of the day, "L’Ecole des Armes."