Episode Listing

Heroes of Altamira will release two new episodes per year. Add to that the adventures in Personal Agendas, Background Events, and By-Invitation-Only Adventures, and pretty soon you may have trouble remembering what happened in which event. To help, here are the short descriptions used in convention brochures. Hopefully they'll help jog your memory.

In addition, now that we've begun retiring events, all the events marked (RETIRED) now link to a synopsis of the 'official' outcome of the event! But if you missed out, have no fear, you can still catch the reired episodes via our Flashback or DOMINGO GIGANTE! events.

Episode 1: The Road to Altamira (RETIRED)

The Heroes encounter villainous bandits, a desperate cry for help, unheard of scientific inventions, and an ever-deepening mystery, just a typical day in the life of a hero, on the road to Altamira.

Episode 2: Fear and Surprise (RETIRED)

The Heroes must deal with a kidnapping in the dark of the night which leads to a masked man and an implacable enemy without mercy. And if they aren’t careful, the heroes could be next on the chopping block.

Episode 3: Gentleman's Wager (RETIRED)

Simmering hostilities lead to angry words and a wager whose stakes are far more than money. More importantly, can heroes make things right even if their employer is wrong?

Episode 4: A Small Favor (RETIRED)

The Heroes are involved with an absent-minded Professor, a need for brave heroes, a newly-designed lantern in jeopardy, villainous bandits, and an ever deepening mystery…wait, why does this sound so very familiar?

Episode 5: Evil Intent (RETIRED)

Like a pot over a roaring fire, tensions are heating up in Altamira. Worse, foreigners with dangerous ideas of fun could make tensions boil over. Unless Heroes can do something about it…

Episode 6: The Balance of Profit (RETIRED)

Piracy is usually just the cost of doing business, but when their tactics include wanton destruction and wholesale murder; it’s time for Heroes to bring them to justice.

Episode 7: Scientific Method (RETIRED)

“Just a simple job,” she said. “Escort Professora du Valroux to Altamira,” she said. And honestly, how many enemies could one bookish lecturer really have?

Episode 8: Acts of Desperation (RETIRED)

Every hero has their critics; some have valid points while others are just plain annoying. But if he has his way, this one could be the death of you.

Episode 9: Mistaken Heresies (RETIRED)

It’s never going to be a good day when the Inquisition decides to announce their presence. But it’s worse when the announcement is a personal message to you…

Episode 10: Command Performance (RETIRED)

Put away your blade, put up your nose and extend your pinky, the ruler of Rancho Soldano is having a party. And amazingly enough, you’re invited to attend.

Episode 11: To Light a Candle (RETIRED)

A flash of light so bright, it blinds everyone in town? Why that could mean anything. Guess heroes will need to check into this.

Episode 12: Old Friends (RETIRED)

A señorita with the mysterious past, a madman killing with impunity, and it all comes back to haunt you. Who needs rest? After all this is the stuff of heroes.

Episode 13: The Madman of Paseo Largo

Townsfolk haven’t stopped disappearing. Now they’re being murdered too. Can heroes solve this mystery before there’s no one left in town to protect?

Episode 14: A Friend in Need

Word’s out The Shadow King was captured! And you didn’t even lift a finger. Guess that’s solved. Everyone can relax now, right? Right?

Episode 15: Black Sheep

A seemingly random fight in Paseo Largo could reveal one of the de Silva’s most nefarious schemes. That is, if finding out doesn’t kill you first.

Episode 16: Fall from Grace

They say, “Justice delayed is Justice denied,” but at long last, there’ll be no more delays. Of course, they also say, “no good deed goes unpunished…”

Episode 17: One More Favor

An absent-minded Professor in need of heroes, newly-redesigned lanterns, villainous bandits and a growing mystery. Come on! This is getting ridiculous!

Episode 18: Finessing the Queen

Its taken some time, but finally the pieces are all coming together. However, when the upstart Queen rebels, an example must be made.