Background: Nino d'Amore

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Background: Nino d'Amore

Postby SonofScarlet » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:11 pm

Background: True Identity 1 (Angelino Cavazza di Poficiare Vestini)

Justina Cavazza is a name no one knows. She's a nobody, completely forgotten by society save for in fond memories of former lovers and distant admirers. Once she had been one of the bioccolo, the courtesans of Fontaine, bedecked in her opalescent plumage. It was her signature. A bountiful riot of color, from her feathered fan, to a majestic crest that swept back from behind her ear. Black tresses fell in soft curls contrasted off of powdered skin. Lips a different shade each evening to match her mood, all complimented by a flourished style that was Vodacce with that brazen hint of the Montaigne style du mode. Master courtesan, she was as skilled with the stiletto (throwing knife) as in the courtly arts. Beautiful and deadly, she was everything a Vodacce should be.

But those days are behind her now, ever since she caught the eye of one of the handsome cousins of the Vestini, Tranquilo Poficiare Vestini. He was drawn to her and he gifted her with a small fortune in silks, accoutrements, and even a small palazzo. And in return she gave him a child, something Tranquilo had no interest in. Though he was willing to let her keep what he had given her, he disappeared into the web of the Vestini family never to be heard from. He was a ghost to her, and shortly thereafter she found herself bereft of her clients. It were as though the fates turned against her and nothing in her power could let her keep any of those who had formerly professed so much admiration.

So, with her infant son she retired to her palazzo. With her considerable savings and the wealth of ornate gifts she offered her child, Angelino, the chance to return them to high society. She taught him early about art, literature, manners, and philosophy. His education was as good as any of his betters, and when he had grown he was, with the last of her savings, sent to university. But unlike other students who were focused on their studies, Angelino ingratiated himself to his fellow students.

He drew many eyes among the nobility and literati. He was invited to friends' palazzo, on their family trips, and to balls and galas far above his station. There, among the elite he shined. Known for his handsome features, the mysterious young Nino, as he had begun to call himself, inspired noted sculptor Francesco Ambrosius Vaccaro, and his nude now graces the famous Pilastri, though few know he was the inspiration. He became the inamorato of Vodacce cultural elite, artists, composers, poets, and swordsmen. He considered himself successful, but his mother longed for more, and these simple connections were well and good, but it would take a more....cosmopolitan locale to truly spread her web of influence. And so, he was, without explanation, sent to Altamira where he would ply his charms among the swordsmen and women, merchants, scholars, and nobles from across Theah that resided there. Through her children, Justina Cavazza would rise not just in Vodacce, but among all the nations of Theah.

As for Angelino (Nino), he often says he's from the mainland, son of a wealthy vintner, but he speaks with the sophistication and skill of the island elite. Some say he's incognito, hiding from jealous cousins. Others say he's the bastard child of one of the Seven Princes. Still other suggest (correctly) he's a courtesan's son. It matters not, it is his mystique that is fun to speculate upon for the nobles as much as his rhetoric. Skilled in the arts, literature, and fashion he's been a compelling addition to the party circuit. Gifted with his mother's talent for the stiletto, he has inherited both her beauty and her lethality, and in return he has given her everything he can. He prays one day it will be enough.
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Re: Background: Nino di Amore

Postby SonofScarlet » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:28 pm

Personal Agenda: Gencon 2017

Sent to Altamira, Nino quickly became enamored of the town, if not its inherent magnetism for trouble. Still, these upheavals great and small allowed him to meet many of the nobles and notable persons of town, many whom now owe the Vodacce a favor, not an enviable position. But Nino has remained quiet on these debts, happy to weave his web throughout the bustling trading town.

Indeed, such connections swiftly drew the attention of Octavia Merchesi, prima courtigiana of Altamira's Vodacce Quarter. Keeper of many opulent apartments on the Paseo Largo, she waited for the young cicisbeo to come to her door. From his first moments in Altamira she knew who he was. The looks, the style, the very way he walked through the throng of men and women of Altamira was just like his mother. And while not many recalled the renowned bella uccello of Fontaine, Octaiva remembered Justina Cavazza.

And so, when her son came to knock at her door, she opened it with a smile and open arms. Now, he counts himself truly among the courtigiano of the Paseo Largo, though it remains to be seen what Octavia hopes to get from this arrangement. Is she truly as benevolent as she seems, or is she using the young man for other ends? All Nino can say is that he now occupies one of the grand apartments in the distretto Vodacce, with a stream of Vodacce gallants and merchants seeking his companionship (and filling his coffers).
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Re: Background: Nino di Amore

Postby SonofScarlet » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:00 pm

Personal Agenda: Gencon 2018

"Nino?" Octavia's voice was soft and melodic, practiced through decades of refinement. Though the young cicisbeo saw the first signs of age about her eyes and in her hands, it only seemed to accentuate her grace and wit.

"Entra," he replied languidly from his chaise where he reclined with book, a salacious novel by one of Montaigne's foremost underground novelists. A gift from one of his patrons, back from acquiring riches among the elites of Charouse. He bit his lip with a smirk as he finished a particularly libertine passage. Finally he pried his eyes from the pages to glimpse his guest and edge to standing "Signora, always a pleasure to see you. How can this one be of service to your beneficence?"

Octavia smirked at the over-exaggerated pronouncement, clearly in light mocking of the Montaigne style. "Per favore, you give me too much credit. And as much as I would love to have you swoon about me and sing my praises alla luna alla terra, but unfortunately, I come with...concerning news."

She produced a letter handing it to Nino. Upon its face, penned in a masterful calligraphic hand "Angelino." Nino looked to her with a look that made his youthful features look almost boyish with their alarm.

"I found this in my room. I think they may have thought it was yours," she never made any mention of Nino's past, but let the truth of the letter speak for itself. "I leave you to it."

"Grazie, signora, I will be sure to find whoever it is who would dare come to your chambers without permission."

"See that you do," she replied with a slightly cool smile. "Ciao, bel cece**"

Alone, Nino broke the plain blue seal on the back, and instantly was awash in the wildflowers of home. He could practically feel the Spring sun of Fontaine shining on the florists' stands. The fragrance permeated the paper, a perfume he had received many times.

"Francesco," he closed his eyes and smiled to himself. But how did he find me?, he thought to himself.

His eyes snapped open and he practically flew from his chambers to the hall, "Signora Merchesi!" he called.

Octavia turned with a demure surprise.

"Have you heard word of Francesco Ambrosius Vaccaro coming to town? The sculptor, painter, inventor.." Nino's voice was apprehensive but alight.

"Nino, I know who he is," she smirked with a playful derision. "I haven't heard word about the artist, himself, but I believe some of his latest works are to be unveiled here at Arciniega. It is sure to be quite the exhibition."

"Grazie, grazie, grazie mille, signora!" He called as ran to her offering her a light kiss on the hand before running for the door.

** (Translation: Bel cece: 'Little chickpea', another name for a male courtesan)
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