Carl's Character - Johanna Kleinerwulfe

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Carl's Character - Johanna Kleinerwulfe

Postby ExploratorVimes » Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:28 pm

An Inauspicious Beginning

Johanna was born the bastard daughter of an Eisen nobleman. Scandalized by the potential embarrassment, the nobleman had Johanna put out and abandoned on the street when she was only three years old. She was taken in by some of the older Urchins of Freiburg who took pity on this poor soul. Watched over by the beggars, Johanna grew up in that hardscrabble life, learning the ins and outs of the city, and how to take what she needed to survive.

Johanna grew quickly, and took to life with a zest that surprised many who met her. She quickly grew tough and strong, and had a sharp eye, often standing lookout on jobs for older urchins who were dipping their toes into actual thievery.

She found an interest among some of the older beggars, and they taught her the healing value of various herbs, how to identify health conditions, and how to make rudimentary cures for minor illnesses. As she grew she was never one to back down from a fight. Often standing up for smaller children who couldn’t defend themselves. These two things gained her many friends as a result.

Unexpected Developments

When Johanna was Thirteen, her life took a decidedly unexpected turn, when she was approached (after being run down and cornered) by an official looking man in the garb of a scribe. As Johanna listened in astonishment, he told her of her father’s passing, and read his note to her aloud. Apparently riddled with regret in later years, he had set aside a small inheritance for her. It wasn’t much by noble standards, but was more money than she had ever seen in one place.

After spending some of the money to help the urchins around her, she decided to put her keen mind to good use and attend school. She did so and found to her delight that she enjoyed scholarship and learning, particularly learning about physiology and languages. The herbal cures she had learned earlier had much to do with actual doctoring, and she took to that field easily.

To pay her way through university, she took work as a servant at a noble’s villa. There she watched many fancy balls and social events being held, and began to learn that world. She even began learning some songs and performance arts from passing entertainers.

A Call To Arms

After a decade, Johanna graduated from university, with top marks and a degree in physiology and anatomy. At university, she had met many fellow Eisen who spoke of the ruin of the country. Johanna learned intently and developed a fierce sense of pride. Not necessarily in Eisen as a country, but in the Eisen people themselves.

Motivated to help and to do something about the fate of her nation, she attended an elite military academy, where she learned to fight and march, and be a soldier, bodyguard, and sentry. After two years, she mustered into a newly formed Eisen company as a platoon doctor. She marched for five more years on campaign against the monsters in the wilderness, saving many lives, but losing many others.

Wanderlust, Calamity, And Altamira

Johanna now wished to see the world. It was not difficult for a battle tested Eisen veteran doctor to find work aboard ship. So Johanna set forth to seek her fortune. She traveled many different places and saw far distant lands. She learned the trade of the sailor and the riverboat pilot, and even spent time on a Vesten whaling vessel

The only recurring problem seemed to be keeping a ship underneath her feet. Johanna has survived no less than the destruction of six ships. The list of ships lost and their reasons are listed in brief below;

Untergangsheld Eisen Military Transport -- River Dragon Ambush
La Error Hermosa Castillian Privateer -- Montaigne Pirate Hunters
Svärdet Vesten Whaling Vessel -- Whales
Matushka Navarin Ussuran Icebreaker -- Iceburg
Flower of Innismore Avalonian Smuggler Sloop -- Pirate Attack
La beauté de la vérité Montaigne Merchant Vessel -- Storms & Shipwreck

In the most recent shipwreck, as far as she knows, Johanna and Crendel are the only survivors. However, unbeknownst to her, a notorious Montaigne criminal known only as La Masque du Mort has become aware of her. You see, he had a deal with the captain of the crashed ship, and as the only survivor, he intends to collect from Johanna.

Now, with her meager remaining possessions, she has found herself at the gates of Altamira. What will become of her there, only time can tell.
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Re: Carl's Character - Johanna Kleinerwulfe

Postby ExploratorVimes » Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:33 pm

Brawn 4
Finesse 3
Wits 3
Resolve 3
Panache 3

Indomitable Will
Inheritance (1 / +500 G)
Keen Senses

Acting: 1
Attack (Bow): 3
Attack (Firearms): 1
Attack (Heavy Weapon): 4
Attack (Pugilism): 1
Balance: 3
Calligrapher: 1
Climbing: 3
Cooking: 1
Cryptography: 1
Dancing: 2
Diagnosis: 3
Etiquette: 3
Examiner: 1
Fashion: 2
First Aid: 3
Fletcher: 1
Flora: 2
Footwork: 3
Forgery: 1
Gambling: 1
History: 1
Interpose: 1
Jab: 2
knotwork: 3
Lip Reading: 1
Mathematics: 1
Memorize: 1
Menial Tasks: 1
Oratory: 3
Paper Making: 1
Parry (Heavy Weapon): 4
Philosophy: 1
Religeous Lore (Objectionist): 1
Research: 3
Rigging: 2
River Navigation: 1
Shadowing : 3
Singing: 1
Socializing : 1
Sprinting: 1
Stand Watch: 1
Stealth: 3
Street Navigation: 3
Surgery: 2
Survival: 2
Throw (Harpoon): 1
Throwing: 1
Tracking: 1
Trick Shot (Bow): 1
Unobtrusive: 3
Writing: 1

G/mo: 3
Zweihander 0
Longbow 10
Blunderbuss 20
Powder and Shot (x10) 2
Arrows (x50) 1
Surgical Kit 100
Rope (50') 1
Grappling Hook 2
Lockpicks 10
Outfits (Include Belt, Boots, Cloak, Coat, & Gloves)

Traveling Clothes (Eisen) 8
Gown, Exotic (50g) 150
Artisan 15
Merchant 15
Noble (Male) 30
Noble (Female) 30
Stealthsuit 10
Backpack 1
Bandages 1
Bedroll 1
Blanket 1
Books 30
Lantern 2
Scroll tubes (x2) 2
Telescope 15
Climbing Gloves: 2
Whetstone 1

Remaining: 70
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