Happy Holidays!!!

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Happy Holidays!!!

Postby CaitlinCallahan » Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:43 am

Just wanted to wish all my friends here on the boards a very Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you happen to be celebrating at this time of year)!

As we approach the end of the year, I have a tendency to get a bit nostalgic, and I just wanted to say thanks to Mark and all of the GMs for the time and effort they put in to this campaign.

I know it sounds a little hokey, or maybe cheesy is the right word, but I feel like this is more than just a living campaign, that we're a community, in the truest sense of the word, and I'd like to just say thanks to all of my friends here, for making it feel like family!
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Re: Happy Holidays!!!

Postby Black Jack Rackham » Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:26 pm

I agree wholeheartedly Deb. I look foreword to seeing all of you all year long. And come the end of every con, I get real bummed knowing it will be a year before I see/game/get to hang out/shoot the shit/laugh/ joke/cry with some of you. I have said on numerous occasions that I want you all sitting at my table every week rather than just a few times a year.

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Re: Happy Holidays!!!

Postby salamanca » Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:54 pm

Best wishes to all and safe travels for those heading out on the day. (Personally, it is one of the few days I am not going more than 400 yards from my door)

Hope you all get cool stuff and I finally get the nothing I keep asking for.

And just so Ken knows, I followed your directions so far this season...no murders.
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