This section contains the links to all the templates used in the Heroes of Altamira. For convenience sake, they've been grouped by nationality (though there are some grouped together because they didn't fit anywhere else). For your benefit each indicates which type of character sheet works best with it. All have been turned into PDFs (for ease of presentation and printing), so you will need Adobe Reader to view them.

Below the templates, you will find official 7th Sea Character Sheets. There are sheets designed for Swordsmen, Sorcerers and Other. Feel free to download them and print them out as needed.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, there are 20 completed character sheets. For your convenience, all the Combat Rolls and Target Numbers (to be hit) have been calculated for you. If you are unsure what you want to play, these can be used until you become more familiar with the campaign.


Avalon Merchant (Other) Avalon Noble (Swordsman) Avalon Glamor Mage (Mage) Highland Sea Dog (Swordsman) Inish Swordsman (Swordsman)


Castillian Noble (Other) Castillian Priest (Other) Castillian Scholar (Other) Castillian Soldier (Other) Castillian Swordsman (Swordsman) Castillian Thief (Other) Castillian Hometown Hero (Other)


Eisen Doctor (Swordsman) Eisen Dopple Soldier (Swordsman) Eisen Hunter (Swordsman) Eisen Noble (Other) Eisen Priest (Other) Eisen Refugee (Other)


Montaigne Bureaucrat (Other) Montaigne Dilettante (Swordsman) Montaigne Professional Duelist (Swordsman) Montaigne Thief (Swordsman) Montaigne Porte Mage (Mage)


Ussuran Diplomat (Other) Ussuran Knight (Swordsman) Ussuran Riverboat Sailor (Other) Ussuran Wrestler (Swordsman) Ussuran Pyeryem Mage (Mage)


Vendel Duelist (Swordsman) Vendel Merchant (Other) Vendel Thief (Mage) Vestenmannjavnjar Skjaeren (Mage) Vestenmannjavnjar Warrior (Swordsman)


Vodacce Artist (Other) Vodacce Courtesan (Other) Vodacce Duelist (Swordsman) Vodacce Priest (Other) Vodacce Fate Witch (Mage)

Secret Society Members and other Extras

Explorer's Society Member (Other) Invisible College Courier (Swordsman) Knight of the Rose and Cross (Swordsman) Los Vagos Member (Other) Pirate (Swordsman) Explorer's Society Shield Man (Swordsman)

Character Sheets

Swordsman Character Sheet Mage Character Sheet Other Character Sheet

Pre-Made Characters

Updated for Year 7

Avalon Merchant Avalon Noble Castillian Local Hero Los Vagos Member Castillian Noble Castillian Priest Castillian Scholar Castillian Soldier Castillian Swords(wo)man Eisen Swords(wo)man Explorer's Society Member Invisible College Member Knight of the Rose and Cross Montaigne Duelist Montaigne Bureaucrat Explorer's Society Shield(wo)man Ussuran Knight Vendel Merchant Vodacce Courtesan Vodacce Duelist