External Sites of Interest

7th Sea 2nd Edition
The Official site for the second edition of our beloved game. So very excited about this!

Aldana Steel
This site has some great maps (yoinked from the defunct Temple of the Rose and Cross website) and interesting adventure stories.

Swashbuckling Adventures
This was AEG's 7th Sea Website (it's since died, so the only place to access it now is via The Wayback Machine). This site gave access to the NOM adventures and was the repository for the official FAQ.

Kestrel's 7th Sea Website
Amongst the gems on this website is a listing of all 7th Sea's minutae and where it can be found.

Revenant's 7th Sea Forum
The original 7th Sea Forum, and a personal favorite of mine since I am the Moderator.

Temple of the Rose and Cross
Dr. Mark Woodward, long-time divotee of the game and line developer for darn near all the ebook releases had his very own website dedicated to all things 7th Sea. He painstakingly detailed every single NPC (and both their public and private agendas) by nation, every single secret secret society, and all the great secret plots along with a compilation of fiction by many of the original writers of the game. The site's been down for several years now, but with his very kind permission, I've resurrected it in it's entirety so that our new players may make use of it.

There's now a forum for fan-sub rules/fiction/sword schools/etc. So enjoy the return of the most complete resource for 7th Sea (1st Ed.) in existence.

Red Ribbons
Good stuff all around, but what set this site apart is the, not insignificant work they've done on their version of an 'evil' Theah.

7th Sea Wiki
7th Sea has a Wiki, what more can I say?