Who's Who in Altamira

Alfonzo Cortez de Cordoba-

Alfonzo Cortez de Cordoba

He is the face behind the stellar success of the de Cordoba family. He took a thorough education in business and distilled it into a uniquely simple philosophy, "Build Relationships." He cultivates that in all aspects of his business, from his lowliest worker to his wealthiest client. But his greatest passion is reserved for his wife, Vivienne.

Carlos Palomo de Soldano-

Carlos Palomo de Soldano

When the master points, the dog does his bidding. And in this case, Carlos is the dog. A lifelong employee of de Silva Mercantile, Carlos is the personal errand boy of Santino Avilla de Silva. The sight of Carlos guarantees trouble will soon follow.

Don Diego Ruiz de Ontiveros-

The current ruler of Rancho Soldano is getting up there in years. Thus, it seems, Don Ruiz is letting the younger generation seek the favor of the new king and maneuver for position among the ruling class. While he is friendly with the royal family and their court, he seems content to watch his crops grow and play with his grandchildren (24 at last count). Despite his 'retirement' his parties are still the must-attend events of Rancho Soldano. And should anyone be so lucky as to warrant a personal invitation to visit, they could rest assured of a bright future…

Eduardo Montevada-

Eduardo Montevada

The owner of one of the most famous Swordsman's Guildhouses, Eduardo is a gentleman's gentleman. With impeccable manners and taste, he touts his guildhouse to anyone who will listen as the premiere location for the "pursuit of the gentlemanly arts." Unfortunately, his students take this to heart, leading to a significant increase of duels taking place in or near the guildhouse.

Eduardo Villalobos de Iñez y Lobianco-

Professor Eduardo Villalobos de Iñez y Lobianco

He has been a tenured professor of mathematics at the University of Arciniega for over two decades. He is a caricature of the typical absentminded professor. A confirmed bachelor and semi-recluse (the latter being responsible for the former) for most of his adult life, Professor Villalobos de Iñez has recently seen an upsurge in his popularity among the educated crowd for his 'inventions.' He feels a concrete demonstration always outshines dry charts and graphs. Thus, he has designed several harmless, yet showy, mechanical devices that illustrate some of his more esoteric mathematical formulae.

Eladio Águila de Fernandez-

Eladio Águila de Fernandez

Owner of Dos Caballeros y Doncellas, a tavern in Paseo Largo, Eladio boasts such a complete knowledge of all things Altamira that he has known or met every person in the city, and been to every location. Thus far, anyone who's challenged him to prove his extensive knowledge has walked away in defeat.

Gaspar Salamanca-

Gaspar Salamanca

Owner of Salamanca and Sons Lantern Shop, Gaspar is, never-the-less, a less than stellar craftsman. His pride seems to be reserved for his family, many of whom are Knights of the Rose and Cross. As such, his lantern shop has become the unofficial meeting place for Knights in Altamira.

Padre Jose Rios de Soldano-

Padre Jose Rios de Soldano

One of the younger priests in town, Padre Rios is a boon to both the church and his congregation. A compassionate soul whose only desire is the betterment of society, the young padre can always be counted on for a friendly ear to bend or helping hand to lend.

Mauricio Espinosa de Barcino-

Mauricio Espinosa de Barcino

A murderer and a thief, with all the subtlety of a hammer to the forehead, Mauricio is wanted throughout Barcino for crimes too numerous to mention. Twice sent to the headsman's embrace he's, thus far, managed to escape intact. Last seen heading eastward from his hometown, Xavier Maradoña de Rivera (Acalde of Altamira) has vowed that the third time will be the charm.

Nacio Acosta de Soldano-

Nacio (with sword)

Youngest of the Acosta de Soldano children, Nacio is a boy just on the verge of manhood. Still more boy than man, he is nervous and unsure of himself, often deferring to the judgment of his (much more decisive) sister Yesenia.

Santino Avilla de Silva-

Santino Avilla de Silva

Patriarch of the de Silva family (despite a tenuous relationship to the family), he currently runs de Silva Mercantile. Ruthless, arrogant, and cold, the family gave him control of the business to rectify the series of disastrous decisions his father made just prior to his untimely death. Time will tell whether their gamble paid off.

Teresa Campos de Ramirez-

Señorita Teresa Campos de Ramirez

One of the many refugees of the predations of the Montaigne army, Señorita Campos is a wandering noble in search of… something. She is a typical wide-eyed ingénue, fascinated by everything and everyone she meets. At the same time, her time away from home has taught her the strength of character not to run from the ugliness she sometimes sees.

Vivienne Ontiveros Cortez de Cordoba-

Vivienne Ontiveros Cortez de Cordoba

Political powerhouse and philanthropist, Vivienne is as much responsible for the de Cordoba family's business success as her husband. She greases the wheels and makes the right introductions while making sure that she knows as much about their competitor's plans as their own. Never-the-less, there have been few who've met her that have anything bad to say about her. It's said she can get her enemies to do her bidding and thank her for the privilege. Alfonzo never stood a chance.

Xavier Maradoña de Rivera-

Xavier Maradoña de Rivera

Acalde of Altamira, Xavier is a man long used to the position (having been the Acalde for over 25 years). While a competent (and quite deadly) duelist, Xavier prides himself on solving most problems by talking them out rather than fighting them out.

Bishop Yago Ximinez de Rivera-

Bishop Yago Ximinez de Rivera

Member of the Holy Order of the Inquisition, Bishop Ximinez is unquestioningly a zealot who never shirks from his responsibilities. However, it's whispered in dark places that the 'heritics' he investigates tend to have certain physical characterstics in common.

Yesenia Acosta de Soldano-

Yesenia (supporting her brother)

Oldest child of the Acosta de Soldano children, Yesenia is headstrong and stubborn. On the plus side, she has a quick and decisive mind. Unfortunately, during those times where she makes an error, she seems unable to reassess her mistake.

The Shadow King-

The Shadow King

Who is he? Does he exist or is he just a rumor to scare the goodly folk of Altamira. Rumors of his existance began over a year ago, but most dismissed it all as mere gossip. But in recent months, there's been just one name on the lips of Altamira's underworld, and it's his...

The Other Guys

Altamira's need is great enought that more than just you and your group have heeded it's call. This group of four have recently made a name for themselves, albeit not nearly with as much success as you've had.

Primo Chavarría de la Verde-

Primo Chavarría de la Verde

Leader of this little, unassuming band, it was obvious from your first encounter that he looked up to you as the shining example of what it means to be a Hero.

Audra Drake-

Audra Drake

With more than a little twinkle in her eye, Audra seems, at least from a distance, to be someone a touch of the Glamour. But her quiet, unassuming ways, belie the truth of the matter. As no one who'd ever been touched by the Faire Folke would be so withdrawn.

Lieutenant Alexis Valroux du Martise-

Lieutenant Alexis Valroux du Martise

A quiet, thoughtful man, his experiences at the front of the Montaigne/Castille war lead him to want no further experiences in war. He came to Alatamire seeking peacefullness, but now with the aid of his friends, is making a name for himself and righting the wrongs he was all-too-often the cause of mere months ago.

Marline Von Schneck-

Marline Von Schneck

A Zweihander Swordswoman, she also tired of war, having experienced it killing foreign invaders after the War of the Cross. Too young to be in the actual war, she was saved committing the horrors she so frequently witnessed, leaving her with a still-optimistic outlook on life.



Nothing but a two-bit criminal whose distinguishing features are a completely forgettable face and his complete indifference to asking anything resembling pertinant questions from his employers.

Bartolomé Robles de Medina y Soldano-

Bartolomé Robles de Medina y Soldano

The current mayor of Altamira, Bartolomé is noted for his ability to suck up to his betters, and his do-nothing attitude of governance. It's fortunate, then, that the ruler of Rancho Soldano, Don Diego Ruiz de Ontiveros and the rest of the city's officials take up the slack.

Miguel Rivera de Soldano-

Miguel Rivera de Soldano

On the surface, Miguel was a businessman who ran a barbershop in La Derecha de las Prophetas. But behind the scenes, he and his parter, often referred to as "The Miguels" ran one of the city's most organized criminal enterprises. That is, until you showed up and got straight to the point, literally. Thanks to you, they'll be spending the rest of their days in La Montaña Corta, Altamira's only prison.

Miguelito de la Vaca-

Miguelito de la Vaca

On the surface, Miguelito was a charismatic businessman who ran an apothacary in La Derecha de las Prophetas. But behind the scenes, he and his parter, often referred to as "The Miguels" ran one of the city's most organized criminal enterprises. That is, until you showed up and put out his fire, literally.Thanks to you, they'll both be spending the rest of their days in La Montaña Corta, Altamira's only prison.

Bruno Palomo de Soldano-

Bruno Palomo de Soldano

One of (a seemingly endless number of) Carlos' cousins, Bruno worked for the Miguels until you put them out of business. To say that he holds a grudge is an understatement, but fortunately for you, he's easily manipulated.

Stefano Palomo de Soldano-

Stefano Palomo de Soldano

One of (a seemingly endless number of) Carlos' cousins, Stephano seems to eschew the rest of the family's utter disdain for you. He has a steady job as a carriage driver, but has seen fit to make is displeasure at your antics known from time to time.

Captain Carmella Márquez de Nuñez-

Captain Carmella Márquez de Nuñez

Captain of The Retribution, she is noted for her excellent tactics and implacable desire to rid The Deschane River of piracy. For all this, she is a cold, aloof woman, given more to barking orders than asking for help.

Don Alejandro Vasquez de Soldano-

Don Alejandro Vasquez de Soldano

What more can be added to the legend of "The General" that has not already been said? After countless campaigns in the name of the people of Castille, he retired quietly back to his home in Altamira to raise the greatest warhorses known in Theah. As such he employs quite a few stable hands and an odd assortment of workers at his Rancho.

Don Julio Diega de Soldano-

Don Julio Diega de Soldano

Semi-reclusive, Don Julio is a noted academic whose interests happen to overlap nicely with The Explorer's Guild. He entertains many of their members at his Rancho and is noted for having quite the collection of harmless, but amusing, Syrneth artifacts.

Gabino Colón de Soldano-

Gabino Colón de Soldano

A minor celebrity around town, Gabino is not only quite the accomplished swordsman, but if rumors are to be believed, the scars which cris-cross his face were received when he threw himself on Inquisition blades while aiding Alvara Arciniega (Headmaster and founder of Arciniega University and the inventor of the refractory telescope) in his famous escape two years ago.

Gabriella Lucani-

Gabriella Lucani

A Wandering Knight of the Rose and Cross, Gabriella is a distant cousin of Prince Lucani. While here, Gabriella has taken it upon herself to train some of the less experienced knights (and more than a few hopefuls) in the art of swordplay.

Professora Lydia du Valroux-

Professora Lydia du Valroux

Smart, talented, funny. The newest Professor at the University of Arciniega cannot come more highly regarded in her profession (and interpersonally). Unfortunately all that work meant no time for the more mundane efforts of life. So while she is brilliant, she's also an inveterate klutz.

"Mad" Macario-

One of (unfortunately too many) homeless, mentally ill people living on the streets of Altamira. "Mad" Macario is noted both for his never-ending quest against Altamira's bee population, and his compulsion to repeat the final word of every sentence.

Professora Marcela Elizando de Garcia-

Professora Marcela Elizando de Garcia

In the aftermath of Alvara Arciniega's flight from the Inquisition, someone had to take over his duties. Fortunately, he'd already found the perfect person in the form of his assistant Headmistress, Professora Elizando de Garcia. She is a workhorse who makes time to gladhand the nobility (ensuring the school has a steady income), deal with the minutae of running the University, and teach her own classes.