Background: Michael Lynch

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Background: Michael Lynch

Postby Goliath » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:02 am

I want to preface this with the fact that this is VERY MUCH a work in progress.

On a violently stormy evening in 1441, Weylyn and Moira Lynch gave birth to their 2nd child, a son named Michael. Michael was not to be last child for Lynchs though. Moira birthed 5 children with her husband Weylyn. Listing them from eldest to youngest: Angus born in January, Michael born in August 2 years later, William Born in June 5 years after Michael, finally the twins Ceallach and Mariah were born in April the following year.

Michael was always very close with his family, but couldn’t stand when his oldest brother and their father would fight. The family always seemed…somewhat diminished during the arguments. If it had been different, perhaps Michael would never have formed his opinion that family is one of the most important things in life. Michael loved to spend time with all his siblings and the other children in the area. Though there were some decidedly different aspects of his family, such as their "closeness" to the Sidhe. There were just too many things that went along with the Legends to ignore. A prime example in Michael’s life came on his 8th birthday. Angus spoke in hushed tones to Michael, explaining how the Wulvers had brought the gift of food to a few of the struggling farms in the area.

From that day onward, Michael always watched out for Kelpies and never went anywhere near water without a bit of Ale for the Seonaidh. The legends of the Tuatha were burned into his mind after Ceallach turned 7. 7 months and 7 days after his youngest brother’s birthday, Ceallach took ill. His skin took on a sickly pallor, and his entire personality changed. 2 months after he took ill, Ceallach died mysteriously in the night. Angus stands fully convinced that it was the evil working of some of the unseelie Faeries. To this day, he carries a few stout pieces of Blackthorne to banish the goblins that intend to do harm to those he cares for.

As does all things, time kept marching on for the Lynch clan. Angus and William grew into fine men and took wives of their own. Mariah was promised to Robert Sutherland. Michael, having developed a case of wanderlust, took to his horse and left the lands of Inismore for 5 years. During this time, He learned how to wrestle and bare-knuckle box. He took part in the games of the Highland Marches, as well as gained instruction and induction into the MacDonald sword school. After his 5 year trip, he returned home for a short time, insisting on helping around the town.

Once Mariah finally wed Robert Sutherland in the following winter, Michael was certain that his family was in good hands. That spring, Michael decided that his parents deserved their personal space and said his good-byes. His superstition did provoke him to stop by the seer, Vanora’s home before fully leaving. She ushered him in as he arrived at twilight. Her misshapen form seemed all the more disturbing in the flicker of candle light. Her hovel filled with hanging bundles of herbs, tiny bones littering a small table in the corner. In the middle of the great room stood a table. The table was simple and wooden, but in the center was a silver bowl filled with what smelt like a bit of Pure (Inish moonshine). An ornate dagger stood stabbed into the table just to the right of the bowl. Michael was led to a seat on the north side of the table as Vanora circled him chanting in Cymric. Quickly she took a seat across from Michael, grabbing a bit of herb from over head as she moved. She looked deep into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity. She did not speak a word as she ripped the herb into small shreds and tossed it into the bowl. Grabbing the dagger out of the table she stirred the strange brew she had made. Michael could swear that he saw her smile as she quickly cut her tongue with the dagger and allowed the blood to drip from her mouth into the bowl.

After a few moments, Vanora smiled and spoke. “Well, Master Michael Lynch, it seems that your future holds darkness and bloodshed. You will venture far seeking what you miss. Great things will be open to you, as well as terrible choices.” Michael leaned back trying to let the information settle in, giving Vanora the chance she needed.

In the blink of an eye, Vanora’s form shifted. She set upon the Inishman with wild determination. The next thing Michael knew, he was waking up in a field where Vanora's hovel should have been. The following nights were a blur, Michael left the Glamour Isles. Over the next 25 years, Michael discovered more of what it meant to be a cousin to the Faeries of legend, to bare the blood of the Sidhe. He learned to avoid iron and to repay gifts in timely and like fashion. He traveled Theah learning what he could, as he went. He studied at a few academies, finding it easy to blend with the students as he did not age as they did. As time kept moving forward and his skill grew, he tested and joined the Swordman's guild in Eisen.

A great many years later, he decided to return to his family's lands. What he discovered there shook him to his very core. His younger brother, William, had been cut down after wagering with a few less than honorable men. The family lands had been diminished, and Angus had gone to find the ones responsible for the death of William. Michael tried to settle things the way Nobles do. With words and meetings, but to no avail. His branch of the Lynch clan was still held as Nobility, but there was a bit of tarnish that came with it. Angus never came back, and the last word Michael heard was that he was following a tip that the people that cut down his brother and stole their land were heading to Castille.

After not hearing anything for 6 years, Michael bid what remained of his family farewell and headed off to find Angus and those he was searching for. After docking in Barcino, Michael joined a small band heading off to Altamira, via carriage. Unsure of what he may find, or what may befall him.
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