Background - Alejandro Bejarano de Soldano del Castille

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Background - Alejandro Bejarano de Soldano del Castille

Postby Alejandro » Fri May 18, 2012 12:39 pm

While Alejandro is from one of Castille's many noble families, this one in particular has, in recent years, fallen on hard times. Their business ventures have gone badly, and with the tragedy of his brother Javier's disappearance and presumed death, only wayward Alejandro is left to guide his family into the future. His parents still have viable credit lines with various merchants, but there's no telling how long that will last. Alejandro's best chance to rescue his family lies in finding a wife whose dowry can at least temporarily alleviate their financial worries. Of course, that has its own problems....

Obligation (2pts): "My family gave me a second chance. I may never repay that favor in full, but I will begin with getting them out of debt."

Alejandro has not always been the model son. In fact, during his teenage years he was anything but: the idea of responsibility took a back seat to the pursuit of beautiful women, strong drink, and cavorting with his friends. He had no thought concerning his future, and strove to live in the moment, but then Javier went missing, and a close call with a vintner's daughter left his parents no option but to quietly send him away to Carleon and a second chance with distant relations.

Three years later, and Alejandro is back in Altamira just in time for his eighteenth birthday. He learned much in Avalon - a new language, a new culture, and the value of hard work, to say the least - and he finally understands why his parents had to send him away. Thankful for the second chance, he has vowed to leave his past exactly where it belongs; he is a new man now, even if some people forget from time to time.

Vow (2pts): "I have done many things, and much I am not proud of, but I have come back to the beginning at last, and I vow it will be a new one."

Acquired in-game:

Hunted by the Inquisition (1 pt): slowly but surely, Alejandro is building his reputation in the city. Unfortunately, he has also drawn the attention of the Inquisition after the Bishop (forgot his name) and his goons recognized him when he tried to rescue a young woman from his torturer's table.
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