Chris' Character - Le Chevalier Guillaume Robert (Etcetera)

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Chris' Character - Le Chevalier Guillaume Robert (Etcetera)

Postby damourcd » Tue Jun 28, 2022 8:53 pm

Le Chevalier Guillaume Robert Louis Martin Alexandre Henri Joseph Mathieu Gerard Roland Charles Jean François Joachim Pierre de Chauffours, Le Vicomte des Champs Verts

Father: Charles de Chauffours
Mother: Constanza Urraca Díaz de Haro

The youngest child of a large family, Guillaume never expects to inherit, and was destined for the priesthood. A beautiful child, with glossy black curls, a perfect complexion the color of cream, and bright emerald green eyes, he was doted upon by all. He spent his childhood getting his head filled with stories of brave knights and beautiful women. His mother regaled him with tales of her homeland, including “El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha” and extracted a promise from him that he would always honor and protect his Dulcinea (whomever she turned out to be). He memorized every Chanson de Geste, and can sing them flawlessly, accompanying himself on the guitar.

Upon achieving puberty just after he turned 12, Guillaume discovered he had an overwhelming attraction to women. The village priest found him in a haystack with the miller's daughter. His father encouraged him to sow his wild oats before he took vows, though his mother admonished him that such actions were inconsistent for one who wished to emulate the Paladins of Carleman, and his Father Confessor earnestly lectured him on the need to exercise rational will to resist such base desires and control the sensuous appetite rebelliously demanding its gratification. Inspired by both his mother and the priest, Guillaume swore a holy oath to conquer his concupiscence. He entered a Seminary to study and began his path to ordination.

Although he earnestly applied himself to this course of action, Guillaume continuously encountered obstacles in the form of the fairer sex, often falling astray, though he always sought and received absolution. Eventually, his Father Confessor convinced Guillaume that Le Bon Dieu had a different plan for him than to take orders. Especially considering the political realities of the expressed wishes of l’Empereur, and in concert the local belief that “When a Chauffours is born, a sword comes out of its scabbard!”, Curé Joseph-Marie Gros suggested Guillaume pursue more martial endeavors. As a result, Guillame took up the study of arms under the famed Seigneur de Villamont.

Having successfully completed his course of study (as well as defending himself against several outraged family members of young ladies), Guillaume has been awarded the least of the family titles and accompanied by his faithful confessor, Father Joseph-Marie Gros, embarked upon a quest to travel throughout Théah to master all the skills of war. Secondarily, he promised his mother he would uphold the ancient code of chivalry, being faithful to the Ten Commandments of chivalry, inspiring others to do the same. Finally, he hopes to impress the pretty girls along the way, kissing as many of them as possible. (Please note, kiss them, adultery is a sin after all!)

Cards: [NONE]
Backgrounds Earned: [NONE]

Appearance: Wiry and Athletic
Hair: Long, luxurious, curly, glossy black
Eyes: Bright Emerald Green
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight: 162 Pounds

Brawn ●●○○○ Finesse ●●●○○ Wits ●●○○○ Resolve ●●○○○ Panache ●●●○○ ○ Reputation: 0

Able Drinker, Academy, Appearance: Stunning, Combat Reflexes, Dangerous Beauty, Indomitable Will, Inheritance: Horse, Inheritance: Arquebus (Musket?), Keen Senses, Linguist, Noble, Swordsman’s Guild, University

Arcana: Lecherous

Montaigne (R/W/N), Avalon (R/W), Castille (R/W), Eisen (R/W), Théan (R/W), Ussura (R/W), Vendel (R/W), Vodacce (R/W)

Swordsman School
Valroux: (Fencing Sword)
Double-Parry ●●○○○ Feint ●○○○○ Tagging ●○○○○ Exploit Weakness ●○○○○
Apprentice Ability:
Negates the off-hand penalty when using a dagger or main gauche.
Get +5 on Active Defense parry with dagger or main gauche in off hand.

Skills and Knacks
Attack (Bow) ●○○○○ Fletcher ●○○○○
Musician (Guitar) ●●○○○ Singing ●○○○○
Climbing ●○○○○ Footwork ●●●○○ Sprinting ●○○○○ Throwing ●○○○○
Strategy: ●○○○○ Tactics ●○○○○ Ambush ●○○○○ Incitation ●○○○○ Leadership ●○○○○
Dancing ●○○○○ Etiquette ●○○○○ Fashion ●○○○○ Gaming ●○○○○ Oratory ●○○○○ Sincerity ●○○○○
Diagnosis ●○○○○ First Aid ●○○○○
Attack (Fencing) ●●●○○ Parry (Fencing) ●●○○○
Attack (Firearms) ●●○○○
Stealth ●○○○○ Survival ●○○○○ Tracking ●○○○○
Attack (Knife) ●○○○○ Parry (Knife) ●○○○○
Gardener ●●○○○
Attack (Pugilism) ●○○○○ Footwork ●●●○○ Jab ●○○○○
Ride (Horse) ●○○○○
Balance ●○○○○ Climbing ●○○○○ Knotwork ●○○○○ Rigging ●○○○○
History ●○○○○ Mathematics ●○○○○ Philosophy ●○○○○ Research ●○○○○

Equipment and Starting Money
1 Set of Fine Clothes
1 Fine Fencing Sword
1500 G Starting money (1492 remaining)/ 500 G per month

Character Creation Cost:
Item HP 130
Lecherous -10 140
All Traits to 2 40 100
Swordsman (Valroux: Fencing, Knife) 25 75
Double-parry 1 (Fencing/Knife) 0 75
Feint 1 (Fencing) 0 75
Tagging 1 (Fencing) 0 75
Exploit Weakness 1 (Valroux) 0 75
Noble 10 65
Academy 4 61
University 4 57
Appearance 10 47
Combat Reflexes 3 44
Dangerous Beauty 3 41
Inheritance: Horse 2 39
Inheritance: Arquebus 1 38
Indomitable Will 3 35
Keen Senses 2 33
Linguist 2 31
Language: Castille (literate) 1 30
Language: Théan (literate) 2 28
Language: Vodacce (literate) 1 27
Language: Avalon (literate) 2 25
Language: Eisen (literate) 2 23
Language: Ussura (literate) 3 20
Language: Vendel (literate) 2 18
Membership: Swordsman’s Guild 0 18
Able Drinker 1 17
Artist: Musician (Guitar? 2) 1 16
Artist: Singing 1 16
Courtier 1 15
Doctor 1 14
Hunter (Stealth, Survival, Tracking) 1 13
Merchant (Gardener 2) 1 12
Sailor 1 11
Scholar 1 10
Archer 1 9
Athlete 1 8
Commander 1 7
Fencing 0 7
Attack (Fencing) to 3 2 5
Athlete (Footwork) to 3 2 3
Firearms 1 2
Knife 0 2
Pugilism 1 1
Rider 1 0
Item XP 40
Artist: Singing to 1 2 38
Finesse to 3 15 23
Parry (Fencing) to 2 4 19
Attack (Firearms) to 2 4 15
Commander (Ambush) to 1 2 13
Courtier (Sincerity) to 1 2 11
Courtier (Gaming) to 1 2 9
Double-parry to 2 4 5
Commander (Incitation) to 1 2 3
Commander (Leadership) to 1 2 1
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