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Treasure Flowers

PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2022 12:35 pm
by CaitlinCallahan
As Caitlin made her way through the streets of Altamira, the sight of the fire-ravaged town tore at her heart. Though she had been here for less than a year, the town had definitely become her home. She couldn’t help but wonder how long it would take for things to return to “normal”, and fought back the doubt that it ever could. It wasn’t just the sights that were painful, but the sounds as well. Though it would be more accurate to say the lack of sounds were disheartening. Specifically, she missed the sound of children’s voices ringing through the air, and the sound of those same children running through the alleyways, and along the rooftops. She took some consolation in the fact that at least Los Hermanos de Nacio had survived the fire, and the ensuing ambush in the sewers. Surely it wouldn’t be long before the children were up to their normal mischief. She paused a moment, realizing that she even missed the chiding she often received from their mothers.

Eventually, she reached her home. A hint of a smile crossed her lips as she paused at the gate. The house was so different from those back in Inismore. The whitewashed walls and red tiled roof were a dramatic change from the gray stone of her family home. Though much smaller than her family estate, it was more than enough space for just her. Her smile dimmed slightly as she walked up to the front door, missing her twin and her brother.

The smile returned when she entered the house and discovered a bouquet of flowers in a vase on the small table in the entryway. They were absolutely beautiful – white with hint of pink at the center, and the petals were a dark purple that faded out to almost white at the edges. Her brow wrinkled slightly, as she struggled to identify the type of flower. Almost absent-mindedly, she picked up the note.

Her smile widened and warmed as she read the note. Eres mi único Tesoro. “You are my only treasure.” She murmured, half under her breath. The note was signed by Gabino. She called out to Felipa, knowing that the woman would not yet have left for the day. “Hola Felipa. Do you happen to know what type of flowers these are?” The young woman nodded, and smiled a bit knowingly at Caitlin. “Si. They are gazaneas, the treasure flower. They only grow in Castille.”. Caitlin nodded, before tearing her eyes away from the blooms, her gaze returned to the note in her hands. There was something a bit odd about the note, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. The paper was a bit yellowed, as if by age, and was frayed along the edges. In the last few months, especially in the time since she had “rescued” him from the Kavanagh brothers, she had become rather familiar with his handwriting. The signature definitely appeared to be his. Felipa’s next words snapped her out of her reverie.

“And when Gabino stopped by, he seemed to be a bit concerned. I thought he must have forgotten something, he left so very abruptly.” “Gabino was here? But he didn’t actually deliver the flowers?” “No, he did not. He looked at them, then rushed off. I thought he must have forgotten something.” Caitlin looked down at the note in her hands, as the furrows returned to her brow. “He looked concerned, or worried?” “I suppose he could have been worried. He took off on his horse at a gallop.” Caitlin sighed, realizing that this was a mystery to solve. “Who actually delivered the flowers?” “A young man named Enrique.”

She tucked the note into her pocket, and with a nod to Felipa, went out in search of Enrique Pena.