Background - Sean Halliday

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Background - Sean Halliday

Postby kenderleech » Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:10 pm

Amnesia 2

Sean woke up on a hilltop several days walk south of Connickmoor in the Highlands, with no memory of who he was, or anything of his past at all, wearing a plain white kilt. He saw some smoke in the distance, and walked until he found the family farm of James McDermott, and stayed with them, they were kind people, but obviously didnt recognize him, so when he encountered a druid, he asked how he should find out who he was, and the druid said "To know yourself, Know the world" He wandered the highlands, then inismore, then avalon, hitching rides on coaches when he could, walking when he could not, and from there, decided to travel wider, because he didn't know himself, so he must not know the world enough. In the back of every book he writes, he tells a brief summation of his story, and he does answer any mail that tracks him down as best he can.
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