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Background: Antonio Zapada

PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:16 am
by Antonio Zapada
Antonio’s story: Amnesia (1 pt)

He woke cold and sore. In the dim light that leaked past the shut door at the top of the stairs, he discovered that he had been shot, a clean through and through wound in his off shoulder. There were two others sprawled out on the floor with him, but they were dead. He vaguely recognized them, but their names did not arise from the fog that was his memory. Why was he here? What had happened? He had no answers.
Using first aid upon himself to keep from bleeding out (and where did he learn that?), he picked up his sword and started up the stairs. He knew it was his sword, somehow, but the fog still covered why and where he had such a thing.
Opening the door, he was confronted by 6 men drinking and laughing around a table in a stone room. All went silent as he stood there, and stared at him angrily. One of them (who looked vaguely familiar) spoke, “Of course it would be you that survived the ambush, Antonio.” Looking to the others, he added, “Kill him.”
The other men grabbed at rifles or swords, but Antonio (was that his name?) was faster. A song rose up in his mind, and his blade followed the beat. Soon the five men were on the ground, and the familiar stranger was standing with his sword ready for Antonio.
“I always knew I would have to be the one to deal with you, Antonio,” the stranger remarked as he moved forward to engage Antonio.
Their blades danced and flickered together. To Antonio’s dismay, the stranger knew how he would move his blade. But Antonio soon knew how to counter, because the stranger used the same style as he did. Back and forth they fought, moving about. This placed turned out to be an old Eisen fort on the river, ruined and weather-worn. Sometimes footing was more a factor in the battle, but Antonio’s footwork and balance was better than the stranger’s. As was his swordsmanship. Finally, Antonio had forced the stranger to the edge of one of the ruined towers above the river, and taking advantage of a momentary misstep of his opponent, had disarmed him. “Why?” Antonio demanded. “Explain!”
“Antonio, my friend, you know that is not how things work,” the stranger replied with a slight smile, then stepped off the tower and fell into the river. Antonio watched for a long time, but saw no sign that the stranger ever surfaced.

Making his way back to a nearby village, he learned that he was known as Antonio Zapada, a heroic young man from Altamira. He had come here because bandits or pirates had infested the old Eisen fort. He had met with 3 others, and they all went off to the fort together.
Returning to Altamira, Antonio has discovered that there is no Zapada family around (that he recognizes or they recognize him). No one seems to know any stories of him as a child. He did not attend the University here.
He knows that he is Antonio Zapada, and he is a swordsman in the Swordsman Guild. He has been called a Hero of Altamira, and made many friends here. And that his life started waking up in the basement of an old Eisen fort.