Places of Interest

La Venganza (The Vengeance)

The Vengence is a bullfighting ring near the middle of town (named after Altamira’s most famous bull). Not only is it the most famous ring in Soldano, but it also has a reputation of creating the greatest bullfighters in all of Castille. (CA p. 42)

Paseo Largo (The Long Walk)

The name for dock area along the waterfront. It is noted for the vast array of shops and mercantile shops displaying wares from all over Theah. The goods are widely known for their above-average quality and reasonable prices. (CA p. 42, LV p. 39)

The Guild of San Marcos

The guild is located on the outskirts of Paseo Largo, and was established by Eduardo Montevada. It is widely considered the foremost bastion of gentlemanly competition. Dueling near the guild is a nearly daily occurrance. (CA p. 42)

Dos Caballeros y Doncellas (Two Knights and Maidens)

One of dozens of taverns located throughout Paseo Largo. While not grand or serving especially good fare, it is known for the hospitality and warmth of the innkeeper/owner Eladio Águila de Fernandez. During quieter moments, Eladio will regail his patrons with the juciest gossip from around town. He says he knows everyone and everything, and after hearing his stories, it's often hard to argue.

La Universidad de Arciniega (The University of Arciniega)

Altamira's (not to mention all of Rancho Soldano) premiere centers of higher learning. It boasts one of the greatest libraries in all of Theah (especially in the areas of Math and Natural Science). The students and faculty are still reeling from the loss of the founder and headmaster Alvara Arciniega (who was attacked in the night by agents of the Inquisition, but escaped and is currently in hiding) some two years ago. (CA p. 42-43)

La Trinidad (The Trinity)

Cathedral on the University campus. It’s the grandest cathedral in all Rancho Soldano. (CA p. 43)

El Lago del Reyes (The Lake of Kings)

The lake nearest to the location of the Sandovals' Rancho. (CA p. 43)

La Sierra del Hierro (The Saw of Iron)

Mountain range that begins southeast of the city. There are only two passes which lead to Vodacce, both of which are jealously guarded by the Castillians. (CA p. 39, 41)

La Selva de Fendes (The Forest of Fiends)

Despite its fearsome name and reputation, the eastern side of the forest (nearest Altamira) has been cultivated into a huntsman's paradise. (CA p. 35, 42)

Las Linternas de las Salamancas (Salamanca and Sons Lantern Shop)

One of the plethora of shops in Paseo Largo. Run by Gaspar Salamanca. While not noted for its creative or ingenious lanterns, it is never-the-less always busy. That's because several of Gaspar's children (and more than a few of his extended relatives) are members of the Knights of the Rose and Cross. Thus, it's become the informal meeting place for Knights residing/visiting the city.

The Altamira Monastery

Located on a high hill outside of town, the monks there are isolated from the outside world, and thus, it is largely forgotten by the people of Altamira.

El Rancho Diega

Run by Don Julio Diega de Soldano, a bookish man with a vast library, making it a popular stopover for many visiting foreigners. He prides himself as much on his books as his crops.

El Rancho Vasquez

Run by Don Alejandro Vasquez de Soldano, it is the closest Rancho to the city and specializes in horse breeding. Don Alejandro is a retired soldier who's come back to Altamira to live quietly the rest of his days.

El Rancho Acosa

Run by Don Javier Acosa de Soldano, they breed some of the best bulls in Rancho Soldano. They breed the line that produced La Venganza's namesake

Montaña Corta (Short Mountain)

Rancho Soldano's sole prison. Situated in the center of lands donated by the de Cordoba family, Montaña Corta is as isolated a place as can be found in all of Rancho Soldano.