Dueling Swordsmen

"A fine duel is like a dance. And here you shall find the finest dancers in all Theah" Eduardo Montevada

Welcome to the Guild of San Marcos

Congratulations, you've found your way to the Guild of San Marcos, the online home of The Heroes of Altamira, a Living Campaign using the 7th Sea RPG*.

In The Heroes of Altamira, players take on the role of Heroes which they will play throughout the story arc. The campaign takes place in 1668, a very tumultuous time in Altamira, and Theah's history. The players' heroic actions will be used to influence the eventual outcome of the campaign.

*If you're new here and you aren't really sure where to start, why not try our FAQ. That goes double for those of you who read the first sentence and didn't have a clue what any of that all meant. If so, don't worry, and who knows maybe after looking around a bit, you might even consider joining in.

If you've come here because you want to play but haven't yet made a character, you're in luck. On the Character Creation page you will find all the information you need to create your character, including step-by-step instructions for creating both "template-based" and "from-scratch" characters. You'll also find some suggestions to help make your character more entertaining and playable. Finally, on the Templates page you’ll find copies of every template used in the campaign, organized by nationality (and a few extras that could be from anywhere).

If you've already gotten yourself a character, you're still in luck. The Guild of San Marcos is also a repository for background information about the campaign. In History, you can read about several pivotal events which shaped Altamira into the commercial hub that it is. In Common Knowledge, you can catch up on everything your Hero will learn about the city between adventures. If you're interested in whom you might meet or can't remember who you've already met, head on over to People. Want to learn more about that cathedral your Hero ran into during the last adventure? Or maybe you need to know the best place to stable your horse. If so, Sights is where it's at. Lastly, for you map lovers out there, we have Maps, lots of maps, dealing with everything from specific locations, to Altamira, and even to Theah itself.

So, you've already got a character, you know Altamira like the back of your hand, and you're clamoring for more but you can't remember which adventures you've already played. If so, check out Episode Listing. Want to know where Heroes of Altamira is being run next? Check out our Conventions page. In our Forum, you can talk to the other Heroes you'll be playing with, ask the authors questions, inquire about writing an adventure yourself, or even (gasp) tell us about your character. Want to know who created the awesome maps, drew the fabulous pictures for all the NPCs, or anything else about the Guild? Check out the Credits page. Finally, on the Links page you can find more about 7th Sea, other fansites, other forums, conventions where Heroes of Altamira is played, and any other non-Guild 7th Sea web presences.

But maybe what brings you here is you're already hooked. Want to bring Heroes of Altamira to the masses, maybe even run it at your own local convention? Check out the procedure in the Forum and you can get access to the GMs Only Forum page.